Santa Anna currently has five areas in which we focus our efforts, as seen above. The institute is fully owned by the Open Source Modelica Consortium and thus openness is at the heart of our work.

Board, Director and Team

Between Board meetings and Annual Meetings, the CEO is Santa Anna’s main point of contact. The CEO is responsible for the day-by-day work of Santa Anna between Board meetings and Annual Meetings, but also has the right to delegate appropriate parts the work to co-workers.

  • CEO: Niclas Fock
  • Chairman & Vice CEO: Peter Fritzson
  • Board member: Johan Ölvander, Dean at Linköping University
  • Board member: Ulf Nilsson, former Dean at Linköping University

Gender Equality Plan

Santa Anna is committed to the promotion of equality of opportunity in respect of religious belief, political opinion, race, disability, age, sex, pregnancy and maternity, sexual orientation, married or civil partnership and gender reassignment. To this end, Santa Anna has developed and committed to a Gender Equality Plan, available here.