Supporting other fields of research at Swedish universities

Our mission for the benefit of Sweden

How we help

Our mission is achieved by joining research proposals from Swedish universities in areas currently not employing AI. We join the proposal with the end goal to help the research become more data driven and to accelerate the primary research of the proposal by applying AI to the specific research questions of said proposal.

We do this to:

  • Increase the awareness of the power and utility of AI to other disciplines at the universities
  • Spread AI to a larger user base
  • Super-charge your research by expanding the amount of data you can capture as well as the amount of data you can draw conclusions from

What we do

Ok, so we joined the research proposal, then what?

  • We help you capture data and make it ready for AI applications
  • Design solutions to automate your tedious workloads together with you
  • Implement expert systems automate some of your workload
  • Aid you in the proposal writing

Only for University Research?

We sometimes also do the same for applied research projects with several collaborators from one commercial area. Contact us!